I grew up in a small village in the south of Germany.

When I was a little child, it was almost impossible to stop me singing. I started playing the piano when I was five and the saxophone at the age of nine.

Throughout my childhood and adolescence I was singing in many choirs and playing in different orchestras.

When I had finished school, I decided to do something reasonable and took up my studies of medicine at the Charité Berlin. 

This made me very unhappy. Instead of getting medical books, I bought an old piano.

My second choice fell upon literature and science of theatre. Although that was very interesting, I could not fight down my longing to study singing.


I finally decided to follow my passion and studied opera singing in Detmold and Hannover, where I finished my studies with a diploma.


After moving back to Berlin I worked as a freelance singer and discovered the beauty in helping people to improve their singing and their voice in general. I have been giving private lessons and working with many different choirs for projects and over long term.


In 2019 I got a job offer from the Norwegian National Opera in Oslo to sing in the alto 2 section of the opera choir. Although it was a terminated contract, I decided to stay in Oslo, having fallen in love with the stunning city and its wonderful people.