Vocal Coaching

“ Jeg har gjort en mangeårig utdanning innenfor scenekunst, folkehøgskole, forstudie og bachelor og har jobbet med mange stemme- og sanglærere over årene. Jeg kan med letthet si at Judith er den som har utrettet mest på den minste tiden. Hennes fokus på oppbygging helt ifra bunnen, pust, isolert avslapping, muskelbruk og kroppsbevissthet har gjort meg mer i kontakt med stemmen men enn jeg noen gang har vært. Etter bare noen sesjoner kan jeg nå noter langt lavere og høyere enn før uten stress. Jeg kan ikke vente med å utforske hva annet som kan oppnås.»

Stian Gunnhildberget, Bachelor i jazzdans


Make your singing easier!


Singing is a sensorimotor sequence of actions and just like any action of this category, such as dancing, it can be learned and improved.

Small changes in your singing technique can make a huge difference. Nobody is born with a problematic voice. We can all achieve more ease and freedom in singing as soon as we understand how the body and the voice are connected.

More conscious singing will lead to better results and an improvement in your body awareness. This will not only effect your singing but your daily life.

You will be positively surprised with what a powerful instrument you have been carrying around with you!


Improve your speaking voice!


Are you not happy with the sound of your voice? Then maybe it’s not yours!


The pitch and quality of our speaking voice depends on many factors associated with the way we use our body.

Problems with breathing and posture will result in exaggerated body tension. This will change our speaking voice negatively making it sometimes weak and not resilient. As we start changing bad habits, our voice will react instantly. 


I will help you reach a deep and effortless breathing, reducing the permanent tension in your body and mind. This is the most important thing for your voice to start resonating. Together we will find the powerful, beautiful and true sound of your voice.

On this path you will find many opportunities to deal with tension that experiences in your life may have caused and that you can leave behind.

A freely resonating voice can guide you to more power and confidence.



The healing power of the voice


Our voice is tightly connected with our subconscious. If you are open for it, my work will open a path to deal with many issues you might want to resolve with the help of your voice. 

Singing is not just fun, it makes your life better. 


600 NOK/45min


750 NOK/60min


My Student‘s Opinions


“To work with Judith is great! It is so much fun, especially for me as a beginner. I have discovered my own voice and seen how it is possible to improve with the right technique and regular repetition. I have been working with Judith for 4 years now and it enriches me so much!”

 Agatha, 35, Online-Marketing


“Although I have been singing as a tenor for 30 years, I could never use my head voice and high register in the right way. It felt uncomfortable and squeezed. Thanks to the voice lessons with Judith I achieved a completely new way to use my top register in a very short time. Now I don’t get panicky anymore in the high ranges. I wish I had met Judith earlier in my life!”

Dirk, 48, Gropies Choir Berlin



“My colleague instantly notices when I have had a singing lesson before coming to work. I profit a huge amount from concentrating on myself and my voice under Judith’s guidance. It is highly meaningful and if everybody had the chance to do so, the world would be a better place.”

Lea, 31, Marketing Deutsche Grammophon


“For me in a position of leadership, a calm and relaxed voice is essential. Only Judith could bring forth a voice in me which I had no idea existed. I was very surprised how badly I had used my voice so far, although I had been singing in choirs all my life and also received voice lessons.  With Judith I learn how to relax and control the body at the same time. My “new” voice is a lot lower, relaxed and sonorous. I really enjoy speaking and singing with it.”

Peter, 38, Software Developer and Teamleader


“Although I think I have a very vague feeling for the muscles of my voice apparatus, in each lesson Judith makes me understand what aspect of my voice we are working on and how I can improve that with physical exercises. 

I am not a person that works well with images, but Judith will insist until she finds something my emotion and my body reacts on.

The work with Judith includes the whole body and I learn how I can step by step get rid of all the bad habits of the past. In every lesson I discover something new and that is exhilarating!”

Martin, 39, Computer Scientist